We have a lot of creative ways for your to sponsor our site. If you would like to sponsor the site or talk about sponsorship, contact me via email to setup a time. Contact us about Sponsorship.

Types of Sponsorships

3 Types of Sponsorship
Post Sponsorship
Page Sponsorship
Right Bar Sponsorship

Post Sponsorships are permanent. You buy them in bundles of posts that occur over a certain length of time.
Page Sponsorship and Right Bar Sponsorship are Time-Based.
RBS gets your logo on every page for a length of time and is our most expensive type of sponsorship.
Page sponsorships are where you decide which specific page that you would like to sponsor. Different pages get varying amounts of traffic. Strategically picking a page may be the way to go for a temporary project with a smaller budget.

For long term, I suggest Post Sponsorships.
AlabamaProWrestling.com makes on average 5 posts per week. Posts are permanent. That means that sponsored posts will be up for the life of the site which means that what you are paying for will be seen every time someone clicks on a post that you sponsored.
The difference between the Posts sponsor and the Right Bar sponsor is that the Right Bar Sponsor allows you to appear on every page for a length of time. There are different marketing strategies for different types of companies and promotions. I urge you to contact me if you would like to discuss your strategy.

Posts provide a permanent backlink to your company.
RBS (Right Bar Sponsorship) provides more eyes for a shortened length of time
Page sponsorships is a strategically planned sponsorship designed to target a certain market.

Permanent Posts Sponsors
$10 bundle
10 posts (you choose: 1 every other day for 20 days, 1 per day for 10 days, 2 per day for 5 days)

$20 bundle
20 posts (you choose: 1 per day for 20 days, 1 every other day for 40 days, or 2 per day for 10 days)

$30 bundle
30 posts (you choose: 1 every day for 30 days, or 2 per day for 15 days)

Page Sponsorship Packages
Individual Page Sponsorship: $20
It doesn’t matter which page, its the same price. Just email me with what page you would like to sponsor and if there is an opening on that page, you get it.

Limitations: We only allow 4 sponsors at any given time on a page and we do not allow same-city competitors to advertise at the same time on the same page.

Right Bar Sponsorship Packages
Your Chosen Company Image will be a displayed link on the Right Bar under our sponsor section. For example: If you are a promoter and want to promote your upcoming event, you could choose to have your flier on the main page as a link back to your promotion’s event page.
7 Day Sponsor ($20)
21 Day Sponsor ($50)
30 Day Sponsor ($75)

45-90 Platinum Package
RBS 45 days + 90 sponsored posts = $250
This is all eyes on your backlinked logo on every page PLUS 90 Permanent sponsored pages.
That is 2 permanently sponsored posts per day for the 45 days WHILE your logo is on every page for the initial 45 days.

Wrestler’s Profile Sponsorship

$1 per month, you can add 3 matches to start your profile. You choose the matches and give us the links. The links are yours so that it helps your own videos get views and enabled you to monetize them. So monetize them. These links stay up on your profile forever unless you choose to have them taken off. This helps you get views and helps anyone that comes to the page scouting new talent to book on their shows. In addition to being a paid member, you also get to add 1 match link per month that will also stay on your profile forever. You may add one every month for as long as you are current on your account.

At $3 per month, you get to start your profile with 5 videos and get to add 2 matches per month that will stay on your profile forever.

At $5 per month, in addition to starting your profile with 5 videos, you may add up to 4 videos per month, have your schedule updated on your profile as you take bookings and you may sponsor out your profile page by the month. This means that you can let your own sponsors know that in addition to your own packages, we will put their back-linked logo to their business page on your profile. This works best when you let them know that your profile on our site acts as your website and links to your social media page.

Promoter’s Sponsorships
For our promoters, we have more of a trade. When you send us YOUR results… we publish your sponsors to your promotion’s profile, posts regarding your promotions news and to your results. That is 3x the sponsorship they get just because you valued them enough to send your results to us. That is a selling point you want to add to your pitch. If you want to show them how much it would cost to sponsor one of those pages, go right ahead. Then tell them, they get that in ADDITION to the sponsorship they pay you for, for free when you send us your results.

Promotion of the Month Sponsorship
If a promotion is awarded Promotion of the Month, we offer them a free month of RBS for one sponsor of their choosing. I recommend being your promotion’s sponsor they most enjoy working with.

If you would like to sponsor the site or talk about sponsorship, contact me via email to setup a time. Contact about Sponsorship.