ProSouth Wrestling

Located in Piedmont, AL
Runs every Friday night.

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ProSouth Heavyweight Champion: Ace Haven (since 11/2/2018)
ProSouth All-Out Champion: Big Tomb (since 11/30/2018)
ProSouth Tag Team Champions: Organization XIII: Cody Steele & King Bailey Blake (since 12/14/2018)

2010 – Brandon Collum (Successful in his title opportunity)
2011 – Tyler Gage (Successful in his title opportunity)
2012 – Big Tomb (Unsuccessful in his title opportunity)
2013 – Big Tomb (Successful in his title opportunity)
2014 – Donnie Primetime (Unsuccessful in his title opportunity)
2015 – Trever Aeon (Successful in his title opportunity)
2016 – Big Tomb (Successful in his title opportunity)
2017 – Ayden Andrews (Successful in his title opportunity)
2018 –

Phil Alldredge Memorial Cup Winner: James Hardy (2018)
Draw 2 Brawl Winners: Brandon Whatley & Shean Christopher (2018)
Trinity Challenge Cup Winners: Team Nightmare (2018)
Gold Rush Winner: Shean Christopher (2018)

Commissioner: Ace Haven (since 12/16/2016)

(Class of 2015) Stupid Damon TAZ Jack Lord Frank “The Flame” Barnhill
(Class of 2016) Brian Alexander Rick Freeman Kenny Valentine Terry Hudgins
(Class of 2017) Chris Ingram Terry Batey Waylon Rhodes Jeremy Black


Ace Haven
Britt Jackson
Tyler Gage
Alister Crowe
James Hardy
Ty Sutton
Daniel Perez
Donnie Primetime
Cameron Action
Shane Noles
Brandon Whatley
Christian Garrett
Tricky Ricky Cagle
Big Tomb
Jon Averson
Scott Patterson
Chris McCain