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ProSouth’s 11th annual St Valentines Day Massacre

St Valentine’s Day Massacre Event Page This Friday! The 11th Annual Valentine’s Day Massacre! Championships on the line! Ayden Andrews challenges Ace Haven for the ProSouth Championship! Things between Haven and Andrews have been boiling over since Anniversary SuperShow, these two finally settle things this Friday! In a David vs. Goliath battle, Daniel Perez challenges […]

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9… count them… 9 shows this weekend

It’s almost not fair. Not that the world is fair… But so many choices. Friday Night, ACW and ProSouth bring you their normally scheduled wrestling, but are joined that night in action by Rocket City Championship Wrestling. Then Saturday night, whether you knew it or not, is one of the biggest wrestling nights of the […]

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Tonight in Piedmont

This Friday! We have signed our final two matches for this week’s event! Wicked Johnny Jones debuts against The Mongrel Britt Jackson! Several have tried but no one has stopped Jackson, will Johnny Jones be the first? Plus to determine who faces Big Tomb 2/15 at Valentine’s Day Massacre, we will have an All-Out Eliminator […]