ProSouth Results 01-25-19

ProSouth Championship: Cabana Man Dan vs. Ace Haven
Winner: And STILL ProSouth Champion, need I say more. Lean Beef Ace Haven. 😀
Check out this blast from the past circa 2011

– Nontitle: Shane Noles and Chris Crunk vs. Organization XIII
Winners: Organization XIII
Is it just me or does anyone else think “Feed Me More” when Shane Noles comes out?
This was an entertaining match that included a chicken fight. Pretty funny but I wish Crunk would have lifted Noles up but I don’t reckon the spot would have worked out as nicely.
Organization XIII is one of my favorite tag teams. I like Brother Brother individually and I think the name is hilarious, but Organization XIII as a tag team is great! I heard King Bailey’s parents are loaded.
Chicken Fight

– Cameron Action and Taylor Rae vs. Left Hand Path
Winners: Left Hand Path
Afterwards, I blinked and missed Cam’s sudden outburst that left Taylor Rae out cold. He told her was sorry but left her in the ring for the ring crew to pick her up like garbage. I can’t imagine Taylor letting this slide.

– Brother Brother vs. Dale Springs and Braxton Hunter

Winners: Brother Brother (for those of you not in the know, Donnie Primetime and Sean Christopher)
Best match of the night. I have to say, Brother Brother is a combination of 2 of my favorites on the entire indy scene. I’ve spoke highly of Donnie in the past to the point everyone is thinking I play favorites. Now it’s Sean’s turn.
Sean Christopher has the ring presence and charisma of a veteran. I can’t speak highly enough about his skill. I was telling my friend on the phone on the drive back how amazing Sean’s ring presence is. My best friend told me I had a man crush. I’m totally denying it but… Sean Christopher has raw ability and talent that makes me wish I would have dedicated my younger years to the craft like he is. He started off young and I see nothing but a bright future in this guy.

– GB1C vs. Luke Langley and Graham Bell

Winners: GB1C
Sidenote: This was an entertaining match. I’d never seen either team before. Both are good, but Luke and Graham’s entrance… takes the show. I mean.. c’mon, they have a bazooka!!
GB1C Tag Finisher ending the match

– Britt Jackson vs. Johnny Jones
Winner: The Mongrel decimated Johnny Jones. I caught the Mercy Killing on video.
Mongrel’s Mercy Killing

– All-Out Eliminator: Daniel Perez vs. Brandon Whatley vs. Jay Web vs. Clay Roberts vs. Johnny Fiasco vs. Too Fly Ty
Winner: Daniel Perez wins the All-Out eliminator by last eliminating Brandon Whatley after Damon Tazz came out as a destraction.

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