N.E.W. Results 1-12-19

New Era Wrestling
“New Year’s Revolution”
Jan. 12, 2019
Swann Gym, Jasper, AL

The Ultimate Dragon spoke to New Era Wrestling fans for the first time since last April, when he was diagnosed with a heart condition. Dragon told fans that he underwent bypass surgery and has been urged by doctors to retire from wrestling. Southern Mafia (Shane Noles, Johnny Rage & Greg Dotson) interrupted, making fun of the Dragon’s health situation. Ultimate Dragon left the ring without an incident.

Julius Pryor and “Serpent Dragon” Brandon Whatley defeated The Brawlers (Rage & Dotson) by disqualification. The Brawlers had been named the winners of the bout after interference by Noles helped the tag champions gain a pin fall. NEW Owner James Phillips said he saw the interference on a monitor in the back and reversed the decision, giving Pryor and Whatley a win by disqualification. The win also earned the duo a tag title opportunity in February.

Charles Zanders earned a win over Adam Priest and Scott Morgan in a Triple Threat Match. All three men battled for around 15 minutes before Zanders picked up the win after some outside assistance from 2 Fly Ty and Dawson Divine. The matched featured high-flying offense with the competitors even ending up in the front row at one point.

Shane Noles beat “Action” Mike Jackson in a grudge match where both of The Brawlers were handcuffed to Phillips, who did what he could to keep them from getting involved in the match. At the 11-minute mark, Johnny Rage reached under the ring, grabbing a spray substance and a towel. Rage then used those items to knock Phillips out, before hitting the ring announcer and taking the key to the cuffs. Rage and Dotson interfered while the referee had been knocked out. The Brawlers then sat back down by Phillips to give the appearance that they were still handcuffed as the ref counted to 3 to give Noles the win. After the match, Southern Mafia attacked Jackson with the Ultimate Dragon coming to the ring to break up the beatdown. The Dragon was outmanned and suffered a vicious beating from the trio, ultimately having to leave the gym and taken to a local medical facility by ambulance.

2 Fly Ty defeated Bubba Cagle in a Lumberjack Match after knocking Cagle out with a big kick to the face. Before the kick, Zanders had thrown powder in Cagle’s eyes while the other lumberjacks were brawling at ringside.

“The Steel Dragon” Donnie Primetime used a crane kick to beat “Legendary” Larry D. The 18-year veteran from Kentucky used his power to hold an advantage for most of the match until Primetime capitalized on a couple of Larry D miscues late in the match to pick up the win.

In the main event, “The Last Hero” Ace Haven defeated ThunderCat and Cody Windham in a Triple Threat Match to win the New Era Wrestling Open Championship. Haven pinned ThunderCat to earn the win, while former champion Windham wasn’t involved in the finish of the match.

New Era Wrestling will return to Swann Gym in Jasper on Saturday, Feb. 9. More information for that card will be released in the coming days on the NEW Facebook page.

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