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Hecktivity Update: New Way to Contact, Seeking Correspondents

It’s been months since I’ve updated the site. The Facebook page has been kept up by multiple contributors but its a New Year now. Lots of shows coming up, lots of updates. Including resorting back to the old lastest post as the website’s news front page so you no longer have to click news to get news. Its a news site. Makes sense right?

I’m going to go ahead and make this public. I alone run this website. The FB page has several contributors but only I access this page. With that said, submit everything from news to pictures to questions to request, ideas, and donations to I just ask that you make the title relevant to message. 🙂

That is pretty much it. If you would like to write articles, submit photos and/or results on a regular basis, do get in touch with me. Some promotions offer free entry to our staff. We can discuss the details. Just email me and let me know what promotion you would like to be a correspondent for.

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