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August Promotion of the Month…

Over the last 4 years since I made it my mission to bring organization to the states wrestling data for the good of our wrestling community, I have watched as promoters have started to better their presentation, the marketing and their pride in their business. Today it is my pleasure to announce a company that has upped it’s game in his graphics, its constant marketing their matches and their video production. This company lit itself ablaze with it’s on fire social marketing with over 750 engagements when they revealed their entire show on video. Of course I am talking about…

New Level Pro Wrestling

Congratulations to New Level Pro Wrestling, Faith Dorn and then entire New Level Pro Roster for achieving a level of excellence that the state of Alabama can be proud of. As a bonus to New Level Pro Wrestling, I am offering them one month’s Right Bar Sponsorship for any one of their show sponsors.

What his means is that they get to pick out a sponsor and that sponsor will be featured on the Right Bar of our page for 30 days. That is a $150 sponsorship value. (click the link for more information for sponsorship)

This image will be placed on their profile under awards won.

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