Rocket City Results 9/1/18

Rocket City Championship Wrestling Results 9/1/18

Location: RCCW Arena

Rudy Wristlock pinned Kevin Ryan in 9:09 with a small package.

Charles Zanders made a triumphant return by defeating Mr.423..King of the Moonsault Joey Lynch. The pin came after a moonsault by lynch he left himself open to a crucifix pin by Zanders in 13:07

Omega Virus defeated Bradley Caine & Steve Pleazing in 13:44

Southern Heavyweight champion “The Dissenfranchise”Travis Locke won a fatal 5 way over Ehren Black,Kaos,Cody Morton & Boxcar Brawler.

“HoneyBun”Eddie Toon won a handicap match over The FBI when “Honeybun”pinned Yukon Jack…afterwards Jack was kicked out of the FBI.

JL retained The US title by pinning “Knuckles”courageous after 2 elbows from the top rope.

“The Real Nature Boy”Paul Lee pinned Austin Towers after a low blow & his feet on the top rope to retain The RCCW Worlds Heavyweight Championship in 19:34

Next event sept 15 @RCCW Arena

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