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New Level Pro Act 2 matches announced

New Level Pro has started announcing matches for the Sept 29th show The Crowning: Act 2

Their first Semi-final Match announced is going to pit the “Worldbearer” Scott Morgan against the winner of the Second Chance/BYE Social Media Tournament!

Taylor Rae will be taking on Cameron Action

The story in this match is nothing short of phenomenal! It’s Uncle vs. Nephew. Teacher vs. Student. The Mob vs. The Trickster. These two have met on many occasions both as partners and opponents and have had wars next to and against one another. This match promises to bring the same intensity as the past has! September 29th, which “Family” member will advance to the finals?!

It’s the raw power of the most dominant man on the New Level Pro roster; O’Shay Edwards taking on the pure heart and athleticism of “Highstakes” Kevin Ryan in our final Semi-Final Match! Kevin Ryan continues to impress with more and more upset victories over very game opponents! O’Shay Edwards has dominated any and everyone that NLP has put in front of him! Who will advance to our finals match?!

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