Alabama at an all time high with promotion listings

Call me a fool for thinking I had a complete list, but…

it was a larger list than other ever published for the state of Alabama. Definitely the go to list. But it just keeps getting bigger. I am far from thinking that I have a complete list but the list has grown just this week from 19 to 28 promotions. While not all are active on a monthly basis, I am starting to think there may be more of a division than simply active, inactive and annual shows. I am contemplating making separate divisions to distinguish the out of state shows that throw occasionally and the promotions that just seem to pop up as a For A Cause show.

On top of adding promotion profiles to the long list of promotions, I need your help. If you know of a page for Ultimate Championship Wrestling, let me know. Obviously there are several people out there that know about promotions. For instance, those who work the event and those who attend it. I think the problem is that those people aren’t aware of this site that wants to track the wrestling shows in the state. We need to get our awareness up. So share the Facebook page. Share the site.

Other updates include a couple more worker profiles: Dillon Cook and the Superstars. I’m not making worker profiles a priority at the moment. Just something I add randomly and seem to be doing so more as I find matches to link to their profiles. One day… one day. One day at a time.

The upcoming shows has been updated. Some far out dates, some close such as the WWE Live event this weekend @ the BJCC.

Lots of news regarding the upcoming shows and title matches and announcements. As you’ve already seen, those get their own news pages. This is just an update post to let you know some of the additions and changes on the site itself.

If you have any news or questions, feel free to leave a comment. The easiest way for me to communicate for the site is the FB page or the comments. If you want a private audience, definitely message the facebook page. I’ll get back to you asap.

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