Casket Match in Alabama + More

This Saturday night, SEPW will be featuring what I would call a DOUBLE MAIN EVENT. Whether or not they classify both matches as such is another story.

The actual main event listed is a 2 out of 3 falls match for the SEPW Heavyweight Championship. Brandon Whatley will be defending against one of my personal favorites, Jay Blade. I believe that Jay Blade is a very talented athlete and is often underestimated. If he puts his all in to a match, I don’t believe there isn’t anyone in the state he couldn’t hang with. Brandon Whatley better be on the look out as Jay Blade could very well take his title. The poll on the event page shows that Jay Blade is actually the fan favorite to win it. Event Page LABOR DAY EXTRAVAGANZA

The other featured match this night is going to be a casket match between Skum Kritter and CDawg Collins. If you haven’t seen a casket match live before, here is your chance.

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