New stuff added to the site 08/26/18

Added a promotion page for ProSouth Wrestling. On it includes alot of their roster. I would like to have a full roster for each promotion. It’s a work in progress. If you know of someone else I’ve left off, comment on the promotion’s page.

Added a promotion page for New Era Wrestling. More info will be added to it as I have time. If you want to help, leave a comment on the page with some promotion information.

Added a wrestler profile for Ace Haven and for Cowboy Dusty MacWilliams. On their profiles, you will notice that there are links to some of their matches to help promoters scout as well as workers have an easy place to direct people to see their work. I guess it helps the fans to 😉

N.E.W. Results from 8/11/18 were added today. I hope you all like the format. As I find video of matches on results I have posted, I will try to get them linked to results. I will add periodic updates on here letting you know and linking to the updates as I do them.

As an added feature, results will be linked to both a master list on the results page where you can keep track of results in order that they happen in the Alabama “Universe” or you can go right to a promotion’s page and the list of results will be on there as well.

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