Welcome to AlabamaProWrestling.com. The source for all of your Alabama wrestling news. Our mission is to service the wrestling community by compiling all of the wrestling data into one easily managed location so that whether you are a fan, a professional wrestler or a promoter, you can easily find the information you seek. For the fans, that means they can find out where their favorite wrestlers are wrestling and what promotions are closest to them. For the workers, it means finding promotions to work for and having their information spotlighted for the world to see. For the promoters, its allowing them an easy way to scout new talent, study the competition, and promote their brand to the fans world wide. I say world wide because this is a website, not a news paper. While the promotions may be local, the wrestlers and the fans do not have to be. You will find that some promotions promote their brand on apps such as Fitetv, Bodyslamtv and Powerslamtv.

I seek to make the aspirations of the professional wrestlers that entertain us in Alabama at the start of their career as easy of a transition to the main stream WWE, TNA, ROH, New Japan, Pro Wrestling Guerilla, the PWI500, you name it, as easy as possible. If you support my mission, then support the page. We are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Share our stuff and let the world know what is going on in Alabama. But know, while the times change and the popularity of some social media sites may wane, all of our information will remain foremost on the website so that we control our future. We control our destiny. Let’s do our part in making the Alabama pro wrestling scene’s destiny a great one.